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What We Offer

 Full Service Virtual Bookkeeping

All businesses are different and so are the services you need! Allow us to do the heavy lifting so you can spend more time running your business and with your family, it’s that simple!

Payroll Management

Payroll is one of the biggest functions in a business. From tax payments to reporting, you don’t want to have mistakes when reporting to the State or the IRS, let us take care of it for you!

Tax Preparation

Bundle with our premier bookkeeping service, setting up corporate and personal tax returns now are easier than ever! This means less time correcting mistakes and more time for tax-saving strategies!

Merizalde Bookkeeping & Billing

Financial Education through Communication

Recently, there have been more business owners in recent history, since COVID, than in the past twenty years. More and more people are realizing their potential for freedom, their capacity for success and what it means to take charge of their future. However, with that responsibility needs to come a level of business knowledge that most of us still aren’t aware of. This is why having a reliable bookkeeper is essential for all industries of business.

Bookkeepers are equipped with the knowledge and capacity to balance your business transactions and also to guide you when questions arise. These professionals excel at research and finding the correct answers for you when you need it most. From simple revisions to complex tax details, bookkeepers are your front-line managers when it comes to complying with the IRS’ many regulations.

Allow me to work with you so I can deliver a premier service to your business as well as educate on the ongoing politics and changes of the IRS and our economy. I believe in the growth and expansion of our fellow business owners and through financial education I can help you achieve your financial goals and advise on new ventures. Having a certified bookkeeper in your professional network isn’t just smart, it’s a good investment.

“Jason is very professional and patient when I needed to catch up my bookkeeping for taxes. I’m very grateful.”

Josh Collier

“I don’t have the time to manage my own bookkeeping. I was a bit nervous asking for help but they answered all my questions. I feel more empowered now because they continue to help me with any questions I have.”

Stacy Waller

“Taxes are always a headache for me and I hated doing them. Jason was able to help me get organized and even worked with my accountant before the deadline. Thanks!”

Bill Davidson

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My Clients Are Like Family!

Success should never be a secret! Allow us to help you achieve the American Dream and grow into the successful business owner you always knew you could be! Let us show you how to save on business expenses, improve processes and even come up with tax saving strategies that could save you thousands! Together, let’s make our financial dreams come true!