About Me

It started with a goal. It runs on a promise.

My Story

After COVID, I read in the news that there was a boom of small business owners. Many people trying to make ends meet in ways they only dreamed of previously. With many individuals, going for broke, I wanted to extend my knowledge to my community to minimize liability and help mitigate any further potential loss. I believe in wanting to help others achieve their financial goals because we all deserve that chance and we’re all in this together.

I use my knowledge in bookkeeping to help small business owners maintain their goals and assist them if they decide to grow and expand. There are times where expenditures can worthwhile but there are also times where expenses need to be restricted. Business is never a simple task and I believe having the knowledge to assist and advise small business owners is key to long term success and sustained profitability.

Who I Am

Jason Merizalde, C.B.

Jason Merizalde, C.B.

Certified Bookkeeper & Accountant

My knowledge and enthusiasm stems from decades of consistent work with clients throughout various industries. From restaurants to real estate, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and working with the finest business owners in my local area.

I have worked in the accounting field since 2007 and have felt my calling is in this profession ever since. I would love to work with you and your business to establish the means to achieve your financial goals.

To date, I have worked with a hierarchy of accounts, controllers, E.As., C.P.A.s and more in both office and online environments. I am well versed in both Quickbooks Online, Quickbooks Online Payroll and Quickbooks Desktop so if there is any question or issue you’ve been struggling with, please reach out to me. It is my pleasure to help in any way I can!